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My Portland Trip

In early 2019, I visited Portland. The main reason for my trip was to spend some time eating delicious food and since I knew there was a Veggie Grill in downtown Portland, my first order of business was to download the Postmates app, search Google for “Postmates Promo Code Portland” so I didn’t have to attempt at finding a parking space… at lunch time… in the city, and then eat me some delicious vegan food!

After trying a few different Postmates promo codes, I finally found one that worked for me!

Portland Promo Code: MJ100
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If you’re a new Postmates customer, the above coupon code will earn you $100 in free delivery credit for your first seven days as a new member.

This is a HUGE discount and I highly recommend signing up and applying the code to your account today!

Where Can I Order From?

There are countless restaurants that deliver with Postmates.

postmates order portland

I’ve found that if you live in downtown Portland, chances are you walk or bike ride so there’s no issue with you just picking food up yourself.

However, if you’re traveling like I was, you’re going to be using Postmates for food delivery much more often because parking is a nightmare!

But even if you’re a resident, there are times when you’re hungry, it’s 8:00pm, and freezing outside. These are the times where food delivery comes in handy!

Don’t end up like this guy… download the app, apply the code, get food now:

Portland Promo Code: MJ100
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To apply the code “MJ100” to the app, follow these step-by-step instructions.

Who Can Use This Promo Code?

This specific code, “MJ100” is only for new customers. I’ve reached out to the Postmates marketing team directly and they said they don’t offer existing customer codes.

Even though this is the case, there are still ways around this!

If you’re an existing customer and want to use this code, I highly recommend signing up for a new account and then applying the code to that account.

Or, if you want to get a large group of friends together and get an account where you all can score from this $100 in free delivery credit, then go about it that way.

friends ordering postmates

Either way, you’ll still be getting this huge discount code for free delivery and it will make your life so much easier!

Portland Promo Code: MJ100
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Postmates Promo Code New User