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I lived in Los Angeles for about 8 years. In that time, I used the Postmates app about a hundred times after finding the best Postmates Promo Code Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Promo Code: MJ100
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Using this Postmates promo code will give all new customers (that create a new user account), $100 in delivery fee credit.

That’s HUGE! #thatswhatshesaid

Why I Love Using Postmates Food Delivery

I started using Postmates back in 2010.

At the time, I was making decent money but didn’t like cooking so I spent a lot of my cash on food.

I ordered food about 3 times a week and loved NOT having to:

  1. Get in my car (and lose my street parking spot).
  2. Drive 30 minutes to downtown L.A.
  3. Find a parking spot.
  4. Walk into the restaurant
  5. Wait for my food to be made
  6. Walk back to my car
  7. Pay for parking
  8. Drive 45 minutes home (in traffic)
  9. And then eat my COLD food

This guy has the same face I did after spending 2 hours of my life just getting food:

With the Postmates food delivery app, the only thing you’re required to do (after ordering the food from their easy-to-use application), is to sit in the comfort of your home/apartment and wait for SOMEONE ELSE to do the stuff above FOR YOU.

And this couple has the same expression I do after using Postmates:

postmates promo code

17 Best Places to Order From in Los Angeles

  1. Guisados
  2. Dune
  3. Honey Hi
  4. Wokcano
  5. Waba Grill
  6. (abeautifullife) jamaican cafe
  7. Donatsu
  8. Burrata House
  9. Asiago Grilled Cheese
  10. Bang Na Thai Fusion
  11. Simply Salad
  12. The Veggie Grill
  13. Cafe Gratitude
  14. Everytable
  15. Wild Living Foods
  16. Bodhi Bowl
  17. Sage Plant Based Bistro

…and the list goes on, and on, and on.

Here’s my simple guide to applying the promo code “MJ100” to your app.

postmates free delivery

You could literally be sitting on the beach and have food delivered to you using the Postmates app. All you need to supply is an address!

Los Angeles Promo Code: MJ100
Click Here to Use This Code »
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