$100 Delivery Credit Postmates

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Ordering food has become so mainstream, I can’t remember a time without it. The best delivery service, in my opinion, is Postmates because they’re generous enough to provide a HUGE Postmates $100 delivery credit for all new customers who match these qualifications:

  1. U.S. resident
  2. Order for delivery (pick up won’t apply $100 code)
  3. Know this (and any other $100 promo codes) expires 7 days after you apply it

The 3rd qualification isn’t so much as a qualification, though it is something new Postmates customers should be aware of. And yes, I started that sentence with “and” and finished with “of.” 🙂

Here’s my usual flow when ordering food…

It’s 6pm. I’m hungry. I’m watching my favorite show (which at the moment is Last Man Standing). I’m still hungry. I want food now but I haven’t been to the grocery store in 2 weeks. There’s nothing in my fridge. What do I do????? I remember, I have the Postmates app installed (get the download link here) and still have $68 in free delivery credit. I’ll use that app. Open app, select food, tap checkout, apply coupon (if you’re a new customer), submit order, done. Food is on its way and I’ll be eating in under an hour.

It’s literally THAT easy!

The amazing thing about Postmates is that they don’t limit your food choices to fast food or restaurants. If you’re in the mood for alcohol, in some states, you can actually order it directly from their app.

The majority of states (see why I mentioned earlier you needed to be a U.S. resident to use the app?) will have access to fast food and various restaurants and will also be given the option to order food from convenience stores like 7-Eleven.

What’s fun about that is you can order multiple different food options from different locations and still be able to save a BOAT load on delivery fees (for the first 7 days). After those 7 days are done and your free $100 delivery credit Postmates is expired, don’t worry, there are other free ways to earn free delivery credit.

I believe my account has $1,400 in free delivery credit at the moment. Find out how I have so much delivery credit in this video.

My favorite way to earn free delivery credits (as an existing customer) is to share my own promo code with my friends and family. When they join, we’ll both get $100 in free delivery.

What’s the Catch?

No catch. It’s really that easy. If you make Postmates your dedicated delivery service, they will reward you handsomely (with delivery fees waived).

How/Where Do I Apply the Coupon?

Applying the coupon is easy. Here’s how you apply the promo code:

  1. Download the free Postmates app (here it is)
  2. Create your free account (using your phone number and email address)
  3. Start browsing for food
  4. Add items to your cart
  5. When you’re on the checkout page, apply the code here:

apply the postmates promo code

Once the code is applied, and you’ve selected your order for delivery, you’ll see the delivery fees waived completely. If the code doesn’t work, email me here and tell me what happened. I’m interested in what you had in your cart, where you’re located, and anything else related to your Postmates food order.

Where Does Postmates Deliver?

Postmates is available in a TON of locations. Get the full list here.

When I first joined Postmates, they were only available in roughly 10 major cities. Now, they’re in about 300 different cities! Talk about an up-and-coming business.

Post Takeaway

Before leaving this page, make sure you copy the following Postmates free delivery promo code! Here are the details:

Postmates Promo Code New User