What is Postmates Food Delivery?

This article will cover everything you need to know, including a Postmates promo code new user coupon.

Get $100 in FREE Delivery Credit

  • Head to the Postmates website ("Claim Now" link below)
  • Enter promo code "MJ100" (at checkout)
  • This promotion is for new users only and is good for 7 days
  • Purchase must be a minimum of $15 (and delivery) to be eligible for promotion

Postmates Promo Code (new users, delivery only)

Promo Code: MJ100
Website: Postmates →

Postmates is a food delivery service comparable to UberEats, DoorDash, and GrubHub. They employ people like you and me to pick up food orders from local restaurants, drive those orders to customers, and get paid for their delivery work.

Everything You Should Know About Postmates

What’s covered in this article:

  1. Postmates Origin
  2. Using the App
  3. Ordering Food
  4. Postmates Referral Program
  5. Earning Credit As An Existing Customer
  6. Postmates Promo Code Value
  7. Where is Postmates Available?
  8. Working for Postmates
  9. Postmates Unlimited (delivery)
  10. Postmates Affiliate Program
  11. Partnering with Postmates

About Postmates

From their site, “Eight years ago (2012), we set out to answer a simple question: “Why can’t I have delivered what I really want?” At that time, there was no solution to that problem outside of local phone-order delivery options for a limited selection of restaurants.

We knew that it was nearly impossible to get your favorite restaurants and local retailers delivered quickly. So we built a technology company.”

Where Was Postmates When I Was In College?

Times have definitely changed.

When I was in college, it was my responsibility to visit the grocery store weekly in order to cook food in my apartment because I was too broke to order online.

How nice would it have been if my mom/dad/grandparent could have sent me a gift card so I could eat out (on occasion) instead of cooking Ramen noodles for the hundredth time?

If you’re a parent of a college student, and you want to make sure they’re fed, I’d recommend signing up for a free Postmates account and sending them a Postmates gift card.

That way, you know they’re taken care of and they’ll love you more.

What’s Required to Order Using Postmates?

The only thing you need is their app. Depending on your phone type (iOS, Android, Google), you must download the Postmates app and create a new account before you can order food. But don’t worry, this process is SIMPLE.

You can find the app download links here: iOS, Android/Google

While your app is downloading, keep in mind the codes listed in the app’s screenshots may not be current and I’d hate for you to waste time and money using an invalid code.

Get $100 in FREE Delivery Credit

  • Head to the Postmates website ("Claim Now" link below)
  • Enter promo code "MJ100" (at checkout)
  • This promotion is for new users only and is good for 7 days
  • Purchase must be a minimum of $15 (and delivery) to be eligible for promotion

What Does This Code Get Me?

Applying the above code to your account will give you $100 worth of delivery fee credit to use within a limited time of 7 days from opening your account. This should give you enough time to test out the app and see if it’s a good fit for you.

It’s basically like a free trial where you only need to pay for the food you order; delivery fee and costs are eaten (pun intended) by Postmates in hopes that you’ll keep using their app even after the credit has been used. It’s an awesome discount code!

How Do I Apply the Postmates Discount Code “MJ100” to My Account?

The directions for adding a new Postmates coupon code to your account are as follows:

From within the desktop/website:

  1. Create a new Postmates customer account and log in at https://postmates.com
  2. Click your profile icon
  3. Click “Account Settings”
  4. Under the “Promos and Credits” type MJ100
  5. Click “Apply”
  6. Use the applied discount in your first order

From within the mobile application (these are the iOS instructions but Android and Google devices should be similar):

  1. Assuming you’ve created your free Postmates customer account, log in
  2. Click your profile icon
  3. Scroll down and click “Promos and Credits”
  4. Type in the discount code of MJ100 (if you’re a new customer)
  5. Tap “Apply”
  6. Use the applied discount in your first order

You can also apply the coupon code during checkout.

Now that you’ve successfully applied the Postmates coupon code to your account, you’re entitled to $100 in delivery fee credit. This is the part where you jump for joy! *wink wink*

online food order

Ordering Food Delivery From Postmates

Choosing not to drive for Postmates is also an option (thank goodness).

Like many of us “lazy Americans,” we enjoy sitting on our couch, watching TV and binging out while food is delivered to us.

Netflix and chill is a thing for a reason.

ordering food online

Ordering food has become mainstream. I can’t remember the last time I called a local restaurant for delivery and someone from their staff delivered my food. That is a thing of the past.

Nowadays, ordering online is as easy as going to the restaurant’s website (or third party site/app), looking through the menu, tapping a few buttons, and entering credit card info.

While all of that is simple enough, sometimes the food you want isn’t offered for delivery.

Sometimes, you’ll find a grubhub promo code or doordash promo code online, get ready to use it, and then realize they don’t offer the restaurant you want… so, you go hungry or find something else in your fridge? What fun is that?!

That’s where Postmates really shines.

Postmates Referral Program

Even though you’re given a limited time before the credit expires, that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the line for free credit.

Over the years, I’ve accumulated $3,000+ in delivery fee credit and $400+ worth of free food from sharing my Postmates referral code.

Yes, you heard me right. Sharing my promo code earned me free food.

When I first created my account, I’ll be honest… I wasn’t excited about sharing my Postmates promo code new user coupon. I liked the idea of just using the app to order food.

But after seeing the potential market for distributing my code on the Internet, I jumped on board quickly and created a few videos related to Postmates. Before long, I was racking in the free deliveries left and right.

Can Existing Customers Get Delivery Credit Too?

It seems like most companies these days are only interested in obtaining new customers. They’ll offer free sign up, free trials, free site/app use for months, lower-cost subscriptions, etc.

But when you think about it, it’s the existing users who keep the company afloat. Wouldn’t it make more sense to also offer existing users a promo code or coupon code to keep them using the product or service?

For existing customers, I was able to find ONE coupon code you can try. I can’t promise this coupon code will work for you but it doesn’t hurt to give it a shot, right?

Try: STAYINGIN for $5 off order over $10. If it doesn’t work, don’t get mad at me 🙂

If you’re an existing customer and want a system to get free credit for delivery without trying codes that may or may not work, I highly recommend the Postmates referral program (mentioned above).

Qualify to earn Postmates free delivery:

  1. You must have an account with Postmates
  2. You must share your personalized promo code with someone else
  3. That person must use your code when they create their free account
  4. That person must place at least 1 order in that new account

When the above steps are complete, your friend will have earned $100 and you will have earned $25 Postmates credit (delivery) for referring the new user. It’s a win-win situation for all.

How I Earned Free Food Instead of Delivery Credit

A few years ago, instead of giving existing users credit each time one of their friends/family signed up (using their personalized Postmates promo and URL), the company offered FOOD credit.

I got the word out by creating a YouTube video and sharing my personalized code in the video’s description. After a few weeks of publishing my video, I started noticing more and more users found the video and placed their first order using my code. Each time someone signed up, I earned $10 food credit.

Here’s the Postmates video I made in case you’re interested in making a video yourself:

Now, I don’t know about you but if you’ve ever ordered food online and the total for 5 different entrees, multiple drinks, and even dessert came to $0, you’d know how awesome this was!

Unfortunately, that offer was short-lived and they’re back to giving delivery credit, not food credit.

Get $100 in FREE Delivery Credit

  • Head to the Postmates website ("Claim Now" link below)
  • Enter promo code "MJ100" (at checkout)
  • This promotion is for new users only and is good for 7 days
  • Purchase must be a minimum of $15 (and delivery) to be eligible for promotion

But delivery credit is cool too! By putting your wallet/phone away and using Postmates delivery credit, you can save anywhere from $5 – $10 that you’d normally pay for a regular delivery charge.

At the time of writing this article, Postmates is offering $25 in delivery credit when a qualifying order is placed in a new account.

However, because I’ve been an affiliate for a while, I’ve seen the different credits and expect the amount for you to be higher in the coming months. Instead of $25 per sign up, you could be receiving upwards of $100 delivery credit for each referred customer!

postmates free delivery

So if you’re interested in earning delivery credit for your next order, here’s what you do…

You can find your personalized Postmates coupon by opening the app, clicking on your profile image, scrolling down and tapping the link that says “Invite Friends, Get $25”, and then copying and sharing your custom code with friends and family.

For every single person that uses your referral code and successfully orders their first delivery (new customers only), you’ll get $25 in delivery fee credit.

new user discount
Now that you’re familiar with the Postmates structure, delivery process, and referral credit, let’s talk about working for Postmates.

Working for Postmates

Working as a Postmates courier has its perks. According to crowdworknews.com, driving at peak busy times (after work / weekends) while making a good number of deliveries, could score you $14-$25 per hour. You’d also have the option of getting Blitz bonuses.

As a Postmates driver, funnily enough having a car is optional. Many delivery couriers without a car can still make decent money delivering food (on foot) which saves in gas money, helps avoid “being stuck in traffic,” and helps in getting those daily 10,000 steps.

Don’t get me wrong, becoming a Postmates delivery person that actually drives a car is going to help you make more money. However, some people can’t afford the expenses of owning a car (monthly car payment, yearly registration, gas, maintenance, insurance, etc).

Delivering on foot may be a good summer job for teenagers who don’t want to be seen driving their parent’s station wagon.

postmates driver

Is Postmates Available In My City?

A few years ago, when I used Postmates multiple times a week, they were only in a few different locations in Los Angeles.

However, they have GREATLY expanded and you can check out the complete list here.

postmates credit

Each month, they add more and more cities AND restaurants to their list so be sure to check back if you end up moving. If you’re in-the-know and stay updated, you’ll find Postmates deals year round so watch out for those too!

How to Get Postmates’ Unlimited Free Delivery

Offered to all customers, Postmates Unlimited is a great way to experience free delivery without paying more than $10/mo for it. The only two catches are: 1) It’s a subscription service (which is optional), and 2) if you don’t use Postmates for 3 months, you’re still paying for the service.

The good news is that the subscription plan is optional. If you don’t plan on using Postmates past the $100 in delivery credit and see yourself only ordering a couple times a year, the subscription service won’t be financially smart.

For all Postmates users who use the app/site religiously (multiple orders per week), the Postmates Unlimited plan will be your best choice because it will save you A LOT of money.

Thinking about signing up for the Postmates Unlimited subscription plan?

Postmates Unlimited PlanNo Subscription
Monthly membership fee ($9.99/mo -or- $99.99/yr)No monthly fee
Free delivery on orders that qualify (varies by location)Charged a delivery fee (avg $5.99 per order)
Subscription non refundableNo subscription, no fees paid
Must include payment info in free trialOnly payment info needed is for deliveries

I’d suggest that if you’re ordering more than once per month, that the Postmates Unlimited plan is your best option.

With each delivery, you’ll spend anywhere from $2.99 to $12.99 so spending $9.99/mo for the unlimited free delivery option is more cost effective.

Postmates Affiliate Program

Two years ago (middle of 2018) I moved from Los Angeles, CA to Pleasant Grove, UT.

At the time, Postmates didn’t exist in Utah. I had decided that when I moved, I would give my account (with over $350 in delivery fee credit thatwould have gone to waste in Utah) to a coworker. He was ecstatic!

The unfortunate thing with any Postmates account, is that you can’t change the account’s main email address. The issue is that when problems arise with the account (ordered food is missing, delivery is late, etc), all support emails go to the email on file… which was mine.

Thanks Gmail for creating filters

After getting more than 2 emails over the course of 6 months, I realized I needed to create a Gmail filter to automatically delete the support emails (mainly because there was nothing I could do to help the situation). I didn’t keep in contact with this coworker and so I didn’t feel like being the middle man with every food delivery.

After 1 1/2 years of me giving account access to him, Postmates reached out to me and asked if I’d like to become an affiliate. Because they only select existing users to become affiliates, this was my in.

They offered me $10 per person that used my affiliate code and looking back, I would have been crazy to turn this opportunity down. Unfortunately, agreeing to become an affiliate meant I needed to reach out to that coworker and ask for my account back.

All this time, the three videos I created to promote my coupon code were giving me a lot of free deliveries.

Although it was uncomfortable yanking his free deliveries away, I felt good knowing that I could make a little extra money with this affiliate program.

Long Story Short

So… I don’t know why I’m sharing this information with you other than to let you know that Postmates must reach out to you and offer you acceptance to their affiliate system. There is nothing on their website that mentions this; it was just a happy coincidence they reached out to me.

And in case you’re wondering, each time someone signs up using my personal code, I earn $10. The user that signs up gets $100 in free delivery credit. And everyone goes home happy.

Get $100 in FREE Delivery Credit

  • Head to the Postmates website ("Claim Now" link below)
  • Enter promo code "MJ100" (at checkout)
  • This promotion is for new users only and is good for 7 days
  • Purchase must be a minimum of $15 (and delivery) to be eligible for promotion

How Do Local Restaurants Partner With Postmates?

The last thing I’d like to cover is the process of adding your local restaurant to Postmates’ collection. Apparently, you can increase your profits by 200% by becoming a partner and getting featured on their app/website.

According to them, “We help businesses like yours reach new customers in your neighborhoods and grow to become local favorites.” Becoming a “local favorite” just might be what your business needs to stay sustainable, especially with the quarantines caused by COVID-19.

I can tell you from experience as a loyal Postmates customer, I have discovered some of my new favorite restaurants (that I may not have ever found otherwise) from using their app. 75,000 other businesses on the app can’t be wrong, right?

While you’ll pay a small fee to be listed on their site/app, that fee doesn’t compare to the potential earnings of being shown to millions of users in your area.

The Postmates App Is Here to Stay

As someone who has been a Postmates customer for a long time, I can tell you the app is here to stay. They offer the most restaurants, great prices, their customer service is awesome, and with my coupon code you can test the app out while enjoying $100 in delivery credit for 7 days.

Postmates Has Unbeatable Customer Service

Accidents happen. There have been a few times (throughout my 60+ orders) that errors have occurred. Once, an item from my order wasn’t delivered. Another time, the food was smashed/damaged.

I’m aware that we’re all humans and mistakes can happen. Nothing is perfect. I get that. But when you’re sitting on your couch, expecting a certain degree of quality after spending $50+ on food, and then it arrives below your expectation, it can be frustrating.

Especially when they forget the dessert!

Postmates has come to my rescue on more than one occasion and either refunded me the amount spent for the missing item, given me a credit for free food on my next order, or they’ve even placed another order for the item to be delivered (at no cost to me).

Their customer service is awesome!

Now is the time to sign up as a new customer and start experiencing the benefits of using a delivery service like Postmates to make your life easier and more enjoyable.

Get $100 in FREE Delivery Credit

  • Head to the Postmates website ("Claim Now" link below)
  • Enter promo code "MJ100" (at checkout)
  • This promotion is for new users only and is good for 7 days
  • Purchase must be a minimum of $15 (and delivery) to be eligible for promotion

Hurry, while this limited time offer still exists!